Three Steps to Lower Your Company’s Electricity Costs

MAR-APR 2012|BY a-zsolutions
As domestic market conditions in Greece continue to tighten, reducing the costs of utility expenses will be one of the key priorities for Greek firms in 2012.

Companies that are able to minimize utility outlays—especially in an era of costly electricity—will likewise gain a significant cost advantage over the competition.

Not surprisingly, managers today are preoccupied with questions of “where can we economize in our energy expenses?” and “how can I improve my company’s energy efficiency?” Yet to most executives, the sources of energy savings remain elusive.

For this reason, many firms are choosing to hire professional energy consultants to extract value in energy savings. One of the most dynamic energy consulting firms playing this role right now in Greece is AZ Solutions.

Formed by veteran businessman Lazaros Felous in 2011, AZ Solutions is able to leverage over two decades of managerial experience in corporate cost cutting and operational efficiency planning. With a deep client base in high-energy consuming segments (retail, industry, events, restaurants), AZ Solutions helps firms reduce costs on electricity bills, minimize consumption of electric energy, and produce energy through applied methods from renewable sources (RES).

The firm offers the following guidelines for companies in Greece looking to minimize energy costs.

Explore Your Options

The first step toward lower energy expenses is to explore all options for electricity provision. Often times, companies can immediately cut electricity costs by switching providers or choosing a more strategic corporate energy plan.

Monitoring is also a key component of energy reduction. AZ Solutions employs energy analysis software to monitor and reduce your energy consumption in real time, with bidirectional communication and real time alerts.

These energy monitoring, management, and analysis services are offered for home and commercial users. Using advanced algorithms, AZ can inform you about your consumption, raise your awareness, enhance your energy behavior and shape your energy demand by providing you with the real-time tools, personal tips and incentives to achieve your energy goals.

Trim the Fat

The second step towards energy savings consists of discovering areas where energy can be conserved. According to industry experts, most companies today have significant ‘fat’ in their electricity usages that can be immediately cut out at minimal expense. The trick, of course, is knowing where to look.

For example, switching institutional lighting to LED units can make a sizable dent in operational expenses practically overnight. In fact, in as little as one year, the energy savings from upgraded lighting systems can offset any investment. In addition, LED bulbs last up to 40 times longer than incandescent bulbs, drastically lowering waste and maintenance costs. For this reason, AZ Solutions has partnered with Toshiba to provide cutting-edge LED lighting technology to clients within Greece.

AZ Solutions’ partnership with the global electronics giant comes at an opportune moment: Toshiba has recently suspended all work with traditional lighting sources and is moving aggressively and exclusively into LED solutions. Always a step ahead of the competition, Toshiba’s engineers have managed to create an entirely new light technology by ingeniously incorporating semiconductor technology into the LED design. The result is a brand new, low-consumption lighting product with high efficiency and excellent quality. The synergies from the partnership with AZ Solutions promise to deliver state-of-the-art and cost-efficient solutions for businesses in Greece. However, AZ Solutions reminds its clients that energy savings means more than changing a light bulb. Companies can also realize massive cuts in their energy expenses by replacing outdated and inefficient machinery, weatherizing company buildings, and systematically introducing ‘ergonomic changes’ to the company’s overall workflow. To uncover and plan these solutions, companies should speak with a qualified technical consultant.

Produce Your Own

The third step in cost cutting that all business—big and small—should consider is substituting purchased energy with self-produced electricity from RES. While the process may sound daunting, with the right guide, developing a robust RES platform is both cheap and easy.

The most common form of RES installation for all firms is solar panels. With more than 300 days of sun per year, a photovoltaic production system can quickly translate into massive savings for Greek businesses—all while promoting eco-friendly business practices. Recognizing the growing demand for solar solutions, AZ Solutions has partnered with global leader Synpower to provide turnkey photovoltaic systems in Greece.

Companies have options beyond solar as well. As technology rapidly advances, companies have a greater number of RES systems to consider in their self-produced power needs, including wind and biomass.

Find the Solution That’s Right for You

Energy savings plans are as unique as the companies they serve. For this reason, AZ Solutions works at a personalized level with each client to ensure that the energy savings solutions are viable and sustainable. Recent customers include hospitals, malls, restaurants, cafes, office buildings and stadiums. In each case, the company’s team of specialized engineers works to identify all areas where cost savings can be achieved, no matter how small, and produce comprehensive plans to realize these savings goals.

AZ Solutions’ currently invites inquiries on possible energy saving measures. “We are at your disposal for the provision of a competitive proposal for the reduction of the cost of electric energy, the reduction of energy consumption via LED lighting units, and the production of energy from photovoltaic units,” says AZ Solutions’ Director, Lazaros Felous.

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