Sail Your ‘Telltales’—Apply Strategic Precognition

It’s already darkish. Relentless winds around you. You’re only a few miles away from the channel. You have to sail her (enterprise/yacht) into the racing harbor soon. Our new sail race starts tomorrow. Now what Skipper?

Feel the wind Captain. See the airstreams Commander. Look at your ‘telltales’ on your sails. Sail untouched pathways. Apply precognition. Make sure good air flows on both your windward and leeward side. That’s how Strategic Innovators perfect their sail trim. Speed is of the essence now. Yes, you can!

Concentrate on your ‘telltales’, these small ribbons/yarns on your sail. Stream your ‘telltales’ in a “V” pattern on the windward and leeward side. So, ‘stream’ and ‘flutter’ to gain or regain momentum. Head upstream to avoid ‘stalling’. Fall off to avoid ‘pinching’. That’s how you can sail her (enterprise/yacht) better, faster and with more power.

Stream to Avoid Stalling

Watch your telltales closely. Are your windward telltale streaming and your leeward one fluttering? Then, you’re stalling. You’ve left most of the wind blowing onto the windward side and it’s blocking the air from the leeward side. Stalling makes your boat slip sideways more than it should. And it reduces your speed.

So, you need to stream. How? Optimize your journey. Enrich your offerings. Create novelty and uniqueness. You have to sail closer to the wind (up-stream). How? Co-create to solve issues. Hold challenges to extract fresh concepts. Implement your versatile pipelined roadmap. Engage in immersions. Run customized trainings. Formulate your workshops. Incubate your labs. Submerse into thought leader panels. Explore emerging trends.

Simply put, apply precognition from the inside out. Get into the ‘V’ pattern for the perfect sail trim. Regain speed.

Flutter to Evade Pinching

Gaze again your telltales directly. Are your windward telltale fluttering and your leeward one streaming? Then, you’re pinching. You’ve left most of the wind blowing onto the leeward side and it’s blocking the air from the windward side. Pinching makes your boat slow down. You’re sailing to close to the wind.

So, you need to flutter (fall off the wind). How? Transform continuing turbulence. Deal with discontinuities. Craft novel pathways. You have to turn away from the wind just enough. How? Apply inspiration into development. Engage all your stakeholders for insights. Build your vibrant community. Combine ‘next’ practices with practical tools. Orchestrate thought-leader resource networks. Manage cross-functional councils. Execute strategic imagination drills. Juxtapose at world intersections. Activate blended venture boards. Bring in external provocateurs.

Plainly said, apply precognition from the outside in. Find the ‘V’ pattern again for the perfect sail trim. Recapture speed.

See you at the race Skipper?
We’re waiting for you.
Read your ‘telltales’.
Uneven air flow on your sails?
Get your ‘V’ patterns.
‘Stream’ to avoid ‘stalling’.
‘Flutter’ to evade ‘pinching’.
Sail with Precognition.
We’ll be sail racing!

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