Personal Branding, Effective Skills

Mary Spillane, an expert in communications, business development, performance improvement, cross-cultural communication and personal branding, discusses key skills for business success. She is a coach to senior business executives and CEOs in Industry, Financial and Professional Services.

Leadership and talent management are key strategic issues for any leading organisation. People don’t just work in your business….they are your business, and having the right people in the right roles and behaving in the right way is critical to delivering strategy.

Executive coaching and business consulting go hand-in-hand with unlocking your potential leadership and business development. Coaching assists in dealing with restlessness, frustrations and confusion that we all suffer at different points in our professional environments whilst extracting what matters: your vision, your sense of purpose and identifying talents you want to develop.

The key to advancing in your careers and winning business is how well you network internally and externally. Essentially, our communication skills, body language, social skill and personal image are vital, as judgements based on appearance are both frequent and lasting.

Dissecting the verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication allows you to network more effectively, grasp better opportunities to speak, with more confidence, making you memorable in the eyes of your clients and superiors.

Learning How to Use your Voice

Communications skills can always be improved. Effective training takes you to a new level of confidence in communicating at the highest levels in business, dissects the verbal and non-verbal aspects of communications, and works on real deliveries you need to make in the future.
Important points include:

  • Content
  • Language
  • Organising thoughts
  • Being memorable
  • Physical delivery
  • Telling stories and using anecdotes
  • Grasping opportunities to speak


Key to advancing in your career, as well as in winning business, is how well you network internally and externally. Busy people find excuses not to network, often because they simply hate networking. Coaching takes the mystery out of developing beneficial groups of people that can be invaluable to your personal and career success. But you must give as much as you take.
Key Networking Points:

  • Building relationships, building business.
  • Making connections: internally, externally, web
  • What’s interesting about you
  • Developing pulling power
  • How and why givers gain
  • Doing business socially
  • Small talk made easy
  • Your plan for greater visibility

Examples of coaching, branding, and communication programs that can advance your career and personal brand:
Branding Yourself: How to ensure others see and value you in the best possible light
Going For Promotion: How to get it if you want it
Pitching For Success: How to make your proposal and business compelling
Power Communications Skills: How to engage more effectively at top levels
Influencing the CXO: How to shape relationships with those in charge
Managing Teams: How to get the best out of others and yourself
Easy, Effective, Enjoyable Networking: How to make better connections
Looking the Business: Image Matters: Find what works for you
Thriving in a Male-dominated Environment: The attitudes and tools women need
Coaching Others: Unleashing potential in others

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