ReGeneration—Giving companies the opportunity to invest in Greek talent and jumpstart careers of young graduates

ReGeneration is an innovative program offering young graduates the personal and professional development and skills they need, as they enter the labor market.

An initiative established by the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Athens Hub, the program is sponsored and supported by Coca-Cola and The Hellenic Initiative (THI). In a country facing a 52 percent youth unemployment rate, ReGeneration offers—apart from a traineeship opportunity—a holistic developmental experience for young Greek graduates, by empowering them with the necessary skills that will help them increase their employability, become more competitive in their job searches and, ultimately, pursue their dreams in their own country. The program also aims to reduce the phenomenon of brain drain by bridging the skills gap between talented Greek graduates looking for a job, and companies in search for new hires.

More than 70 companies, including multinationals, large Greek enterprises, small medium companies and even start-ups have already embraced the program.

ReGeneration is open to graduates up to 29 years old from Greek or foreign institutes of higher education (university/college), with up to 2 years of full-time work experience after graduation.

Panagiotis Madamopoulos-Moraris, ReGeneration Cofounder: “ReGeneration has helped to create a new mindset about the incredible value of traineeships and professional development in Greece. Companies in Greece are recognizing the benefits of investing early in talented young Greeks, while young graduates are given the opportunity to discover their potential, develop their skills and pursue their career aspirations in Greece. We are proud of the progress of ReGeneration and are grateful for the more than 70 companies that have already joined the program. We are committed toward growing the program even further so that even more opportunities are given to young people in Greece, who are eager to enter the workforce.”

Nectaria Metrakou, Senior Public Affairs and Communications Manager,  Coca-Cola Hellas, responsible for Greece, Cyprus and Malta: “At Coca-Cola, we believe in the power of each and every individual to act as a ‘change-maker’ in Greece’s path toward recovery. Our efforts are geared toward supporting programs that foster young employability such as ReGeneration, aimed at giving young graduates a real chance at pursuing their dreams.”

Michael Printzos, THI Director of Programming: “One of THI pillars focuses on entrepreneurship and the economic development of Greece. The program was recently recognized in the context of the 4th Annual THI Gala for its contribution. We will continue supporting ReGeneration and would like to see more companies joining the program and taking advantage of its assets.”

What the program includes:

  • 6-month paid internship
  • Extended and reliable selection process (CV Screening, Games-based Assessment, Live Assessment Centre)
  • Intensive 80 hours practical training
  • 25 hours of community work

Why should a company join ReGeneration?

  1. Integration of high caliber and dynamic, young graduates in your organization, while achieving cost efficiencies related to employee recruitment and training
  2. Contribute to ReGeneration’s goal of helping to tackle young unemployment and brain drain by actively supporting the next generation.
  3. Make a difference in the lives of young Greeks eager to demonstrate their talent and capability in the workplace.

Interesting facts about ReGeneration

  • 80% of ReGeneration trainees were hired full-time after their traineeship
  • 13.000+ hours of targeted professional development have been delivered to all trainees.
  • 8.000+ hours of community service have been offered through six NGO partnerships, focusing on homelessness and the refugee crisis.
  • 130+ organizations have embraced the program.

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