The Micromoments of Travel

Q&A with Dimitris Kossyfas, Head of Travel, Google Greece

How does Google promote tourism in Greece?

Tourism is a sector of major importance for our country and the opportunities enabled by digital economy can help companies to grow and meet new customers both in country and abroad. To provide tourism entrepreneurs and students with digital skills to grow their business or start their careers, we have started a broad initiative called Grow Greek Tourism Online, which is in co-operation with the Ministry of Tourism, the National Tourism Board (GNTO) and the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE).

The project, created in 2014, has been growing since and now is made of different pillars:

  • We created a free digital platform available for everyone who wants to enrich their knowledge on digital and tourism.
  • We trained 20 talented digitizers that travelled across Greece to do 1:1 meetings and workshops to assist and train SMBs active in tourism to use Internet and digital tools for their business.

That’s not all. We also partnered with several universities across Greece to organize specific workshops, under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion, and training for the new generation of managers and leaders in tourism and hospitality sector to help them make the most of digital opportunities.

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