Take me to Avaton Luxury Villas Resort—Paradise Found on Earth!


Under the shadow of Holy Mount Athos in Halkidiki, Greece, there is Avaton Luxury Villas Resort. It is a stylish and contemporary beachfront escape overlooking the sparkling turquoise waters of Komitsa Bay. Here you can dive into the virgin beauty of the Aegean Sea’s infinite blue and bask in the Mediterranean sun, reaching the ultimate summer vacations experience. In a location of high tranquility and extreme natural beauty, Avaton Luxury Villas Resort is the perfect haven for relaxation and a blissful soul retreat.

Its concept is unique. Avaton Luxury Villas Resort consists of an exclusive collection of 16 villas, providing a unique lifestyle experience. Most of the villas include private pools, leading down to lush Mediterranean gardens and a pristine beach.

The services provided are exceptional. Personal butlers and chefs, upon request, add to guests’ unique savory pleasure. Sensational spa treatments, private transfer with helicopter and limousine and memorable cruises, along the nearby islands and breathtaking coastline, complete the ultimate seaside sophistication experience.

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