Facility Management

Q&A with Christos Christou, Electrical Engineer NTUA, ΜΒΑ, Operations Manager, Aktor Facility Management

Tell us about Aktor Facility Management.

Aktor FM is a rapidly growing Facility Management company, aiming to become the leader in its field in Greece. Leaders in energy, technical and facility services, providing tailor-made solutions covering the full range of facility management sectors. Our focus is to add value to our customers using our long and vast experience in managing assets in a sustainable way.

How has facilities management changed over the years?

Nowadays, despite the subdued economic backdrop, facilities management (FM) has become a dynamic sector, creating opportunities for those taking proactive steps to adapt to evolving customer needs. Consequently, the level of outsourcing is increasing and clients have become more demanding and sophisticated in procuring FM services.

They continue to look for more integrated FM solutions and self-delivery capability, to benefit not just from more efficient service provision. but to reduce the internal cost of procuring and monitoring those services.

What benefits do customers enjoy?

Facility management allows companies’ management to concentrate on their core proficiencies and their critical objectives. Cost control is also a driving issue for most companies and a prime motive for facility management. Overall, a FM contractor can provide flexibility in delivering the proper staffing level and required skill set, quickly, with less cost and time investment, as well as expertise that may not be available, or is inadequate, in the company’s in-house staff.

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