Director’s Desk


This issue of the magazine is quite different from the others before it. The loss of our beloved longstanding friend and associate Raymond Matera has shocked all of us in the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce family.
As most of you—the readers—know, Raymond was the editor of the Chamber’s Business Partners magazine for many years, and he contributed enormously to its development and wide recognition as one of the top business magazines in Greece today. The Chamber deeply acknowledges what Raymond has offered not only to Business Partners magazine but also to other publications, projects and activities as well. The Chamber will honor Raymond Matera through several initiatives that we will announce and launch in the near future. As a start, this issue hosts a special feature for Raymond Matera with quotes from some of the people he had worked and collaborated with.
But without further words, as Raymond certainly would have wanted, we must continue forward.
In the past two months, our Chamber organized a large number of events and activities related to many important issues in the economy and the business environment: corporate governance, intellectual property rights, rule of law, defense and security. Without underestimating the importance of any of these events, the foremost among them was the Greek Investment Road Show in the USA, organized by the Chamber and the Athens Stock Exchange in cooperation with Enterprise Greece. A delegation of Greek businesses lead by the Greek Minister of Economy and Development and the US Ambassador had the opportunity to meet with several prominent US business associations, company representatives and administration officials. Our goals—to highlight Greece’s potential, present investment and business opportunities and further foster economic and trade relations between the US and Greece—were successfully accomplished, and we have set the framework for other missions to follow. A framework in which both the state and the private sector, complementing each other and working as one front, present and promote the country as it should and always ought to be done.
The main theme of this issue is education. The Chamber considers education as a fundamental pillar for the sustainable future of our county and the turnaround of the Greek economy. The implementation of a strategic plan for education, taking into account global modern trends and future demands as well as the country’s special advantages, is a must. No country can achieve sustainable growth and a secure, friendly environment for its citizens without a serious and modern educational infrastructure.
In closing, on behalf of the Chamber, I would like to wish all of you a joyful and restful summer vacation.

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