OTE Group—Building Greece’s Digital Future

Digital Transformation Through Technology and Innovation
OTE Group, a member of Deutsche Telekom Group, is the largest telecommunications provider in the Greek market. Together with its subsidiaries in Romania and Albania, it is one of the leading telecommunications groups in southeast Europe.

OTE Group has managed, through a radical structural overhaul, to transform from a former state monopoly to a modern technology company and to become the enabler of Greece’s digital transformation. In 2011, a concrete strategy was implemented which aimed to fix the basics, progressively focus on growth, and ultimately navigate through the digital era.

Against the challenging backdrop of the severe financial and social crisis Greece has been facing over the past years, OTE Group became a customer-oriented company that constantly upgrades the services it provides. A big step towards enhancing customer experience was the establishment of Cosmote as the unified brand for all Group products in fixed and mobile telephony, as well as broadband services and pay TV. The company offers a full range of services, from fixed and mobile telephony, broadband and wholesale telecommunications services to pay TV, ICT solutions, marine communications, real estate, and professional training services. Today, OTE Group is the technology powerhouse of Greece.

Enabling Growth Through Infrastructure

The new digital era radically changes the way we live, work and communicate. With this in mind, OTE Group has invested in creating infrastructure for the future. The Group is by far the largest investor in telecommunications in the country. It has invested over €2 billion in NGNs over the past six years and has announced €1.5 billion in investments by 2020 for the roll out of optical fiber and 4G/4G+.

OTE Group runs the largest fiber optic network expansion project in Greece, a project that is a milestone in the country’s development. Within just eight months, OTE Group increased the number of cabinets connected with fiber optics to more than 13,000. As a result, Cosmote’s network is the largest fiber optic network in Greece, with a total route length of 43,000 km.

OTE Group will upgrade a further 3,000 cabinets. Upon completion of the project, approximately 2.9 million households and businesses in 650 cities, towns, and villages all over Greece will have access to Cosmote’s network, which delivers higher internet speeds through fiber optics and accounts for more than 60% of the country’s fixed lines. The ultimate goal of OTE Group’s technology projects is for fiber optics to reach households (Fiber to the Home).

OTE Group is also breaking new ground in mobile telephony. It is first in Greece in terms of the population coverage achieved by its 4G network, which exceeds 97%, and in early 2015, it also launched its 4G+ LTE advanced technology. The population coverage of 4G+ has already exceeded 90%, offering speeds up to 500Mbps.

Business Partner of Choice

OTE Group is successfully navigating the digital era and leading change. The company is already active in the field of IT integration, providing advanced technology solutions: Cosmote Business IT Solutions. Having formed strategic partnerships for the implementation of complex projects, it is a partner of choice for businesses seeking modern solutions in the fields of health, tourism, information security, energy management, data center, cloud, and IoT.

Some of the prime ICT projects undertaken by OTE Group are the installation and operation of Coca-Cola HBC’s data center for 28 countries, a data center and cloud services for the National Research and Technology Network, the National Telemedicine Network for the Aegean Islands, and the Fire Service’s digital operations center.

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