There Is a Buyer for Every House

Charikleia Stouka, Realtor® at Alma Real Estate, discusses some dos and don’ts for selling, buying or renting property in a real estate Q&A.

When selling your property, it is important to keep your expectations realistic. Making sure to give potential buyers the right incentives and attract their interest is just as important as staying down to earth: Come to terms with current local market prices and the real value of your house, and forget about the past and how much your property may have been worth at any given time.

The truth is that nowadays it’s usually not about how to maximize the profit, but how to avoid or minimize the loss. And since it’s only natural to value what is ours and overestimate its worth, let a professional weigh in with an objective expert option.

While you should leave the “heavy lifting” to an experienced professional, here are some tips for things you can do yourself to improve the impression your property makes on potential buyers:

  • Keep pets outside (in the garden or on the balcony) when showing the property, and make sure to clean away any mess, including pet hair and the litter box. It seems obvious, but a lot of people forget.
  • Remember that less, really, can be more. Get rid of clutter to make your property appear larger and more appealing.
  • Delight all five senses to make sure your property makes the right impression. Buyers may not be conscious of it, but smells and sounds that evoke positive associations can influence their decision. Go for pleasant, neutral smells, and don’t forget to grease those hinges!
  • Factor in the time of day. Select a time when your property looks its best, with natural light flattering the space.

Some general tips to help you through the process

  • Don’t let your emotion determine the price. Selling is a matter of logic, time and organization.
  • Hire a professional! Your real estate agent’s commission is money well spent, as it’s their job to maximize the potential of your property.
  • Don’t hold off too long on selling in hope that market conditions might change and you might get a better price. Remember that such changes will affect all properties, not only yours. So while the value of your property might go up, so will the value of the property you’ll be buying next.
  • Selling a property, especially a home, can feel tough, but it’s important to just make that decision and get on with it. The longer you stall, the harder (and costlier) you’re making it on yourself.
  • To get the best results, find a realtor capable of doing a great job of displaying your property on the market.
  • And of course, why not give your real estate agent an incentive (such as a bonus on their commission) to go the extra mile, prioritize your property and sell it within your timeframe.

Price you house correctly for selling, not for keeping!

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