Hybrid Electric Power Systems: Energizing Missions with IDE’s HEPS Product Family


In the modern military and security environment, energy is a critical operational capability. Traditionally, field-based electric power supply requirements have been covered by conventional diesel generators.

Τhe diesel generators deployed are often oversized, leading to low efficiency, poor fuel consumption and reduced engine life­span. From a logistical point of view, frequent maintenance intervals and refueling operations are required, imposing additional burden on military logistics during operations.

IDE – INTRACOM Defense Electronics’ proven experience in system integration and its innovative technology in the fields of energy storage and Smart Energy have been deployed to develop advanced hybrid power systems that address the shortcomings of conventional generators, offering superior performance, fuel savings, tactical operation advantages and low life-cycle costs. At the core of IDE’s modular system design are the energy storage systems, combined with a range of conventional and renewable energy sources and an advanced energy management system, delivering the highly integrated and automated Hybrid Electric Power Systems (HEPS) product family.

HEPS products can supply cost-effective power to installations, as well as mobile power for vehicles, remote camps, forward operating bases, communication or surveillance posts, expeditionary or emergency and disaster relief operations.

The HEPS series of products consists of the following systems:

Hybrid Generators (HG series)

The Hybrid Generators are the ultimate mobile power solution, integrating an optimally sized internal generator with an advanced energy storage system and intelligent energy management.

Hybridization and Energy Storage System (H series)

A hybridization and energy storage system that can be combined with conventional diesel generators, the utility grid and renewable energy sources, incorporating an intelligent energy storage system with advanced energy management and associated interfaces to deliver a flexible and cost effective plug-n-play energy hub.

Vehicle Hybrid Auxiliary Power and HVAC (Hybrid GENAIRCON series)

The Hybrid GENAIRCON is an innovative, platform customizable, military vehicle system, integrating best-in-class APU and ECU design with advanced energy storage. Vehicle electronics and electrically operated mechanisms (i.e. vehicle turret) can be powered from the on-board energy storage system, providing true silent watch capability, thus achieving a unique tactical advantage for covert operations, in a controlled environment.

During operational deployments of HEPS products, the following performance advantages have been recorded:

  • Greater than 50% fuel savings
  • Six times longer maintenance intervals
  • Weeks of unattended operation
  • Hours of true silent watch
  • Life cycle cost reduction of 75%

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