Director’s Desk


This year’s Thessaloniki International Fair, in which the United States is the honored country, is taking place at a critical period for Greece, one marked by significant geopolitical and foreign policy developments and by the country’s much anticipated return to a growth trajectory following its exit from the bailout program.

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce has proudly undertaken the organization of the U.S. Pavilion, recognizing it as a great opportunity to contribute to the momentum of change in Greece. From the inception of the project, we realized the importance of this endeavor for the economic and trade relations between Greece and the U.S.A., and its potential to showcase Northern Greece—and Greece as a whole—as a major business and economic hub of international appeal in SE Europe. We also realized that this was an excellent opportunity to create a legacy and to set the bar for future TIFs.

We made it our primary goal to attract a large number of the most prominent U.S. companies and organizations, whose exhibits will demonstrate the catalytic impact of new technologies and innovation on everyday life and their indisputable contribution to a country’s economic growth and development. At the same time, we wanted to highlight the participation of U.S. businesses and investments in the Greek economy, the close and longstanding friendship between our two countries, and the common values and standards that we share, not only in trade and business but also in education and culture.

We also set out to attract a record number of visitors to TIF 2018—mainly business representatives, professionals and researchers from Greece and the wider region—and to provide them with the opportunity to network and explore potential collaborations with the hosted companies.

And we like to think that we have succeeded. We have filled all the available exhibition slots at the U.S. Pavilion, and we have designed a unique, interactive exhibition narrative. The rich program we have created includes interesting and focused events on various topics, most of which are taking place at the Pavilion’s purpose-built stage.

This endeavor is the result of the incredible efforts of the staff and members of the Board of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and our fruitful collaboration with our external partners, the staff of the U.S. Embassy in Athens and the U.S. Consulate in Thessaloniki, TIF’s executives, U.S. and Greek government representatives, and the participating companies and organizations. We have all contributed to this unique event that will no doubt excite everyone who visits this year’s TIF.

We invite you to come to Thessaloniki and visit the U.S. Pavilion to enjoy a unique experience focused on innovation, business, and technology.

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