Pfizer in Greece: Making a Difference

Pfizer is committed to applying science and our global resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of life. While much of this takes place in a laboratory, it also takes place in the communities where we live and work. A primary focus of this work is developing programs and partnerships aimed at improving health and strengthening healthcare systems.

Pfizer, which was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1849, began operating in Greece in the 1960s with the establishment of Pfizer Hellas AE. Since then, Pfizer has contributed significantly to economic and workforce development in Greece, invested heavily in innovation and research to support the development of new medicines, and given back to the community through new partnerships and philanthropic ventures. Pfizer has a leading portfolio of products, medicines and vaccines that support wellness and prevention, as well as treatment and cures for diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas, such as oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, metabolic, and autoimmune diseases.

Pfizer Employees in Greece

The total direct contribution of Pfizer Hellas to the Greek economy including taxes, insurance, salaries, research funding, vendor payments, rebates, etc.

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Key Facts and Figures About Pfizer Hellas

Strategic Collaborations

Pfizer Hellas has a strategic collaboration with a Greek company for the production of medicines in our country. Every year, 4 million units of Pfizer medicines are produced in Greece, amounting to 13% of the annual Pfizer Hellas units’ supply.

Pfizer Hellas partnered with 411 vendors in 2017.

Corporate Social Responsibility Actions

Supporting Refugees’ Health Management by donating 8,300 medicines to the Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention to meet refugees’ medical needs.

Aiding UNINSURED Patients by giving approximately 80,000 units of medicines, worth €1 million, to partially cover the unmet pharmaceutical needs of uninsured patients.

Supporting Immunization by donating more than 2,000 doses of vaccines to NGOs (“Aegean Team”, “Anoixti Agalia”, “Health for All”), that support people in remote Greek islands and northern mainland areas, who do not have access to the healthcare system.

Improving the Quality of Life of the Elderly through the volunteering activity of the Pfizer Hellas Band. The amateur music band of Pfizer employees offers moments of pleasure to elderly people, through musical events organized by local associations.

Supporting the Philothei of Athens Girls’ Home and Arsis Children’s Home institutions that provide homes to children whose families are unable to support them due to dire financial or other issues.

Volunteering at THE HATZIPATERIO FOUNDATION (supports children with
disabilities) and THE SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE in Thessaloniki (provides HOMES

institutions that Pfizer Hellas supports in order to improve the daily living of the children.

Prevention Initiatives

Pfizer Hellas has supported initiatives focused on prevention in partnership with the state and medical community.

In partnership with the Hellenic Society of Cardiology, Pfizer Hellas developed a public awareness campaign on cardiovascular risk.

In partnership with the Hellenic Thoracic Society, Pfizer Hellas developed a public awareness campaign on prevention, under the title “Healthy Aging.”

Recognized For Excellence

Pfizer Hellas has been recognized as a leader in Greece across a variety of areas.
Some of the company’s notable accomplishments include:

Best Workplace in Greece (#1 for 2017)

Pfizer Hellas has been recognized, for the third year, as the company with the best working environment in Greece among big companies, according to the 2014, 2015 and 2017 lists, compiled by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Gold Award CR Index 2017

Pfizer Hellas won a Gold Award for its performance in implementing responsible corporate practices in 2017, based on the National Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index) and a distinction as Best Work Environment by the Corporate Responsibility Institute. In 2015, it won a Silver Award and distinction as Best New Entry.

2017 Leader in Greek Economy

Pfizer Hellas has been recognized among the Leaders of the Greek Economy by Stat Bank.

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